We are celebrating our 15th anniversary!

Dekobo started designing, producing and distributing automatic swimming pool covers in 2007.

The idea started because there are more than a million swimming pools in Spain and that they could only be used for a few months a year because the temperatures drop quickly in September. Many swimming pools can not be used for a long time. You end up with an expensive swimming pool and high maintenance costs without being able to make optimal use of it.

Swimming pool covers

We could solve this problem with a swimming pool cover. At that time, automatic swimming pool covers were a relatively unknown product, so that a large market was open to us. Dekobo was founded according to Dutch standards: high quality, use of the best materials, reliable design and service friendly. The idea was to put a product on the market that could function for 20 or more years after installation without any problems.

Introduction of solar slats

Dekobo was the first to introduce solar slats. These heat the pool by 5-7 degrees. This results in an even greater energy saving. It has been calculated that this can save a hotel up to 50%. This also applies to an indoor pool. We recommend a solar cover with a heat pump for customers who want to swim all year round. Thanks to the solar slats, the heat pump has to generate less energy, so that the energy bill remains low. You can swim all year round with our cover without high energy costs. In addition, you will save a lot on the water bill.

Energy neutral

Dekobo has also strived for energy-neutral solutions within the roll-up systems. The Milano and Ibiza models are equipped with a solar panel, which means that CO2 emissions are zero and you no longer need mains power. Dekobo is constantly working on customer-oriented solutions. Together with our efficient production and our Northern European quality requirements we have achieved a good position in the Spanish market.

Dekobo is 15 years young and has a great future ahead of it!

In recent years we have installed more than 2000 covers. The third hall has now been taken into use and we have sufficient space to further expand production.

Are you also interested in an automatic pool cover that extends your swimming pool season? Please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.