From design to reality: installation of 6 pool covers

The client turned to Dekobo because we are the only company with a fully automated solution to cover a pool of this size. The client’s requirements were to fully integrate the pool covers and truly make them part of the existing pool.

3D visualisations and presentation

Using a 3D presentation, we were able to convince the client of the final solution and go through exactly all the details to achieve the desired result. To cover the pool in its entirety, adjustments had to be made to the pool. Using the 3D visualisations, we were able to explain to the pool builder and architect exactly what had to be done.

The client’s wish was to make the casing of the covers a unified unit so that one could sit on the casing to enjoy the view. The countercurrent system also had to be built into the casing of one of the pool covers.

Pool rennovation in conjunction with pre-installation of the pool covers.

The tubes for the wiring had to be installed before the completion of the pool to connect the motor of each of the six covers to the control boxes in the technical room. Thanks to the 3D visualisations, we were able to plan everything in advance and give clear instructions to the pool builder on how many metres of cable and tubes were required to install the pool covers.

The Amsterdam model is built into a casing that protects the roll and makes it invisible. The casing of the covers had to be tiled with the same tiles and patterns as the pool. The casing of the cover has an automatic lid that opens and closes when the pool cover opens or closes.

Fully automated pool covers

For this project, we have developed a special control box that ensures synchronised opening and closing of the lids and pool covers. Furthermore, the client has the option to open or close the covers individually via an app.

We are very proud of our team for finalising this project. Thanks to planning in advance and good communication with all parties involved, this project has been a resounding success.

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