Installation of the Milano model in the mountains of Jalon.

The customer chose our Milano model for the design and finish of the box. The main reason(s) for purchasing the cover was that he considers safety for his grandchildren, who visit him regularly, important. He also considers it important to reduce the cost of electricity for the heat pump and the evaporation of water and is aware that this is a significant investment in the long term. He has chosen solar slats for his swimming pool that heat the water by the sun for free. This lowers the cost of the heat pump and therefore significantly improves its return on investment.

Quality and service

The reason he chose a Dekobo cover is due to the quality and service we provide. This is a customer who opts for quality and understands that we work with the best materials (from motor, cylinder, stainless steel and slats).

I think it’s important to use a company that is active in the region and provides good and fast service.

Stainless steel structure that can be used as a bench.

The box contains a self-supporting stainless steel structure. This structure is welded in our factory in Pedreguer by welders we have employed for many years. The wood is placed with extreme precision by carpenters that we hire especially for making the box. This allows the box to be used for sitting, lying or as a springboard. The high quality of the finish together with the strong structure make this bench unique in its kind!

Before installing the cover, an engineer visited the pool to measure everything with a 3D laser. We do this primarily with Roman steps so the slats fit perfectly into the pool. All Dekobo covers are made-to-measure and installed by our own people.

Are you also interested in an automatic cover that is safe, durable and made to measure? Please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.