Installation of the Milano model in casa rural Montbrio Belvedere in Cambrils

The owners of the B&B Mas Montbrió Belvédère chose our Milano Model first of all because the product looks fantastic. It is a luxury B&B and they want to create the same look around the pool area, the design and finish of the box fits exactly in that image. The pool cover offers more safety for the guests. When the cover is closed, children cannot fall directly into the water.

Energy Saving

The owners know that it is very important to reduce the electricity costs of the heat pump and to reduce the evaporation of water. They have chosen the version with a photovoltaic panel to further reduce costs. This model is energy neutral and can be assembled quickly and easily. Our cover can save up to 50% energy and reduce chemical consumption by up to 68%.

Extending the swimming season

Thanks to the pool cover, the pool can be used all year round. Where other hotels close the swimming pool during the winter months, the guests of the B&B Mas Montbrió Belvédère can enjoy the swimming pool without any problems. The air chambers in the slats ensure insulation and contain the heat at night.

The installation went smoothly and quickly. Our guests hardly noticed anything. The instructions from the technicians were clear and precise. This gave us a lot of confidence.

Before installing the cover, an engineer visited the pool to measure it. All Dekobo covers are custom made and installed by our own personal.

Are you also interested in an automatic cover that is safe and extends the swimming season? Please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.