E-Star: Redefining Automatic Pool Covers

Today marks a historic moment in the world of pool covers as we proudly unveil the E-Star—a groundbreaking pool cover designed to set new standards in convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

E-Star – Redefining Automatic Pool Covers

Key Features of the E-Star:

Automatic Rail Retraction for Maximum Space Utilization

The E-Star takes pool cover technology to new heights with its unique automatic rail retraction system. Unlike other pool covers, E-Star retracts seamlessly backward on rails, ensuring that the cover’s box doesn’t occupy any space above the pool. This innovative design optimizes the pool area space and the retraction process is completely automatic.

Solar-Powered Energy Neutrality

Harnessing the power of the sun, the E-Star is not just a pool cover; it’s a sustainable energy solution. Equipped with solar panels and energy-efficient batteries, this cover operates entirely on solar power. Enjoy the benefits of an energy-neutral pool cover, reducing your environmental impact and energy bills simultaneously.

No Electrical Installation Needed

The E-Star eliminates the need for electrical installations or wiring. Pool owners can enjoy the benefits of an automatic pool cover without the complexity of electrical work, making E-Star a user-friendly and hassle-free addition to any pool. The absence of wiring ensures a seamless installation process, saving time and cost for our valued customers.

“The E-Star is a game-changer in the pool industry, redefining what pool covers can achieve. The combination of automatic rail retraction, solar-powered energy neutrality, and ease of installation positions E-Star as the pinnacle of innovation in pool technology.”

The E-Star will be available for purchase immediately through our authorized dealers or by directly contacting us.

Do you want more information about the E-Star? Please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.