Improved design of the Dekobo slats

Dekobo has significantly improved the design and production of the slats. The new design ensures a strong and smooth connection between the slats.

This makes it practically impossible for the slats to be pulled apart after assembly. The slats are easy to roll up and provide a high buoyancy. The latter makes the cover safe for children and pets.

The production has been transferred to the largest specialist extrusion plant in Belgium. This combination of design and production knowledge guarantees a constant top quality of our slats. The end caps with the unique clips ensure easy assembly and disassembly. The clips have bumpers that prevent the slats from sliding relative to each other. This is especially important for slats with a greater length. The Dekobo design prevents the formation of algae between the slats.

Do you want to cover your pool with our improved slats? Please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.